Last week, the fourth year Challenge cohort took to Northland Roller Rink on Eight Mile, the northernmost border of the city, for their second social event. It was a night of scraped knees, shouts, laughs, falls, and, luckily, no broken bones.

IMG_5688 (1)Some fellows were skating veterans, but for many it was there first time on eight wheels. Fellow Clare Lilek said of the event: “It was fun until it was dangerous. The groovy tunes drowned out the screams…as they all fell one by one.”

Soon however, everyone was riding with style and grace. Lap after lap, round after round they developed a comfortable handle on their role. Seeing everyone reflected in the bright gleam of the disco ball reminded the fellows of how lucky they are to live in such a historic city. Every revolution, they were skating back in time. With every turn, they saw the derbies, proms, dances, first kisses, make-ups, and break-ups that have happened in this aged rink.

FullSizeRender (10)The fellows left the night happy and refreshed. When they weren’t chatting with each other in the rink, they were chatting with each other on the benches just outside. Skating’s not for everyone after all, but friendship is.

In short, you can say that Challenge’s second social event was a resounding success. Not ones to shy away from danger, however, you can find this cohort skydiving on top of the Z Lot in Downtown Detroit for their next social event.