There are many perceived characteristics about millennials. We are attached to our phones and prioritize Instagram over the company in our presence. We can’t seem to save money because all we want to do is backpack around Europe or take the cheapest flight out to Iceland. We are idealistic and want to make the world a better place. We seek out jobs that fit into our lifestyles and allow us flexibility.

Which stereotype do I often embody? You guessed it, I tend to spend my days working in the field and engaging with community members. I not only visit my work destinations, but I get to explore the beautifully, aroma filled coffee shops of Detroit. This past week I lived the millennial dream and worked from four of the cities beloved shops.

The Commons: This east side destination does more than just serve as a workspace; it is home to 16 washers and driers. The Commons, which opened for business earlier this year, is a two-story building that acts as a coffee shop, community space and laundromat. Due to my desire for quiet, I took myself to the second floor, which tends to be less active than the first, which is where the washers and driers live. I drank my coffee at a long table that could sit about twelve. The open room is filled with tables (that don’t require a napkin or coffee sleeve to stabilize the table leg), a couple couches, a microwave, sink and large windows welcoming in the (newfound) Michigan sunshine. Check it out for yourself on May 12th during their grand opening! 7900 Mack Ave, Detroit, MI 48214

The Bottom line: There hangs a small black sign on 3rd street that reads ‘The Bottom Line’. There will most likely be several bikes parked underneath, but you won’t find a door. Walk down a few steps and you’ll be welcomed into midtown’s Bottom Line coffee shop, where it’s quiet enough for independent work but seeks to hold space for community meetings, work meetings and gatherings of friends. The long tables welcome groups while the small reading nook encourages time for oneself away from the noise. Whatever your need, The Bottom Line will welcome you with open arms and a warm beverage. Beethoven Apartments, 4474 3rd Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

Ashe Supply Co: This week featured my first time working from this new(er) location of Ashe Supply Co. During the summer of 2017, this two-man run coffee shop expanded from just one shop in downtown, to a peaceful side building located on the east side of the Detroit River. High tops, low tables, bar stools or comfy couches, this shop has it all. With coffee beans roasted just up the street and the diligent pour-over mechanism used for brewing, the coffee is sure to always be flavorful. 225 Jos Campau, Detroit, MI 48207

Always Brewing: Located in the heart of the Grandmont Rosedale neighborhoods, sits this humble and home-y coffee shop. When working from Always Brewing, I can expect to be greeted with a genuine welcome from the staff and neighbors enjoying their cup of joe at the counter. Hangings from local artists decorate the walls as neighbors filter in and out for treats, beverages or just a quick meeting with a friend. 19180 West Grand River Avenue, Detroit, MI 48223

As another week of work comes to a close, my millennial heart is full of gratitude for the hardworking coffee shop owners who always are ready to pour a mug of freshly brewed goodness.