Challenge Detroit is a leadership and professional development program that invites approximately 30 of tomorrow’s leaders to live, work, play, give, and lead in and around the greater Detroit area for one year. During the course of the year, Fellows contribute intellectually and through hands-on service making incremental impact in the community. Learning by doing is a cornerstone of the program and the Fellows have the courage, passion, and drive to make a difference.

  • They live in Detroit.

    Fellows live in and around the city of Detroit engaging in the city throughout their daily lives.

  • They work in Detroit.

    Fellows work approximately four-days per week at their host company for an entire year.

  • They play in Detroit.

    To strengthen the bond between the Fellows while demonstrating the positive qualities of the region, Challenge Detroit, along with local organizations, host social and cultural activities throughout the year.

  • They give in Detroit.

    Fellows participate in challenge projects designed to positively impact the community while keeping the Fellows as well as the followers of Challenge Detroit engaged.

  • They lead in Detroit.

    Fellows participate in a leadership program to support on-going skill development.

A year in Challenge Detroit is all about learning by doing. As Fellows gain new insights about the city and the greater Detroit region, we expect they will not only impact the city during their program year, but also well beyond as they are motivated to stay in Detroit, work in Detroit, even start their own business in Detroit.