I reflect…

Taking a moment to reflect.

When writing this blog, I will not lie and say I knew exactly what I would discuss.  As I looked for inspiration, I was drawn to something I wrote years ago. On the first day of January 2018, I wrote about my journey to knowing my worth. I expressed, “We are pulled on to be everything and to actually “Be the Best Everything.”  I went on to say, “Subsequently, we program ourselves to try to make EVERYONE happy, even to the detriment of our self-worth.” Today, I believe I have found the answer. You see, back then I thought it was simply about understanding my worth. Now I know it is about so much more. Yes, knowing your worth matters. Most importantly, accepting your worth, setting boundaries, living in your truth, and surrounding yourself with those who are not afraid of your light is really the secret sauce to a life worth living. Giving up trying to find balance; instead, embracing the harmony of Life.

Me and a little of my secret sauce.

So, as I take time to think about who I am and where I want to be, I offer you all these words I shared with my circle years ago:

I will embrace the beauty of my perfect imperfections.

I will be intentional with who and what I give my heart, resources, and energy.

I will not devalue my time, energy, or standards.

I will release toxic relationships that causes me to question my God-given purpose and self-worth.

I will love, share, and support within the boundaries I set of valuing me.

I will choose to love Me, be unapologetically Me, Shine Bright, embrace my inner Superhero…And love that choice.


Shine On,


Dorothy “Dee” Smith