Yes, and. If anything can describe my first six months with Challenge Detroit, it is that simple phrase. Yes, and. No idea is too crazy. No task is too difficult. No topic is off limits. When faced with a choice, the answer is always yes, and.

Challenge Detroit isn’t a job, it’s a responsibility. To ourselves. To each other. To our city. Every day at our host companies and every Friday with non-profits, we are here to make a difference, even if it is small. We were chosen to challenge the status quo and help increase the capacity, even if it’s only for a moment, of the incredible people and organizations that represent all that is great about Detroit.

Yes, and. We take every opportunity that is presented to us, whether it is a networking event, community conversation, volunteer opportunity, or chance to spend time in the city. We all have so much more to learn, and that learning is a lifelong journey that will lead us to every corner of this city we are fortunate to call home, even if it’s only for a year.

At the end of the day, I am blessed to be a part of this fellowship. What started as a drive to meet people and make a difference has turned into the opportunity of a lifetime. I am given an incredible amount of exposure to so many of the things that Detroit has to offer. I am presented with endless chances to get involved.

Being present is a choice that we can all make. Challenge Detroit is designed to give future leaders the chance to exist in the moment, to listen, to serve, and to engage. All that is expected of me is to respond yes, and.