Tell us about your company and what you do.

Mans Lumber & Millwork is a home improvement and building company. To clear any assumptions though, Mans is not Home Depot. They’re quite different. And also, the name “Mans Lumber” is not a proclamation that lumber is manly. Mans Lumber has been a family owned and operated company since 1900 still run by the Mans family. Now that we’ve cleared that up, Mans Lumber does everything: decks, flooring, trim, cabinetry, lumber, windows, doors, design services, install services, and custom millwork.

Broadly speaking, my responsibilities fall under the umbrella of marketing, communications, and event planning. On a given day, you could catch me creating print materials, planning an event, managing co-op marketing activities, sharing content on social media, making promotional materials, or comparing competitors prices. On a good day, you’d find me hauling lumber in the distribution center…


Describe an accomplishment or contribution you’ve made at your company.

Mans doesn’t have an official marketing team, so I get to work with many different departments and help streamline the marketing efforts throughout the company. I’ve also created a wider online presence through different social media platforms and other home improvement sites.

I also love communicating through visuals, so I utilized video, photos, and graphic design for branding and communications. Currently, we are working on launching a new website that will be more visual. There will also be a separate Kitchen & Bath website that will showcase the work the designers have done. Stay tuned!


What makes working for your company unique?

Working for Mans is unique because the wide range of products and services offered creates a challenging task in terms of marketing. The homeowner, contractor, and builder are each customers that make up their own unique target market. It takes organization and creativity to create a marketing plan that is inclusive yet targeted. In a sense, it’s just like building a house. Each room has its own function and personality, but it’s the conglomerate of those rooms that make the house a house.

To become understand each customers person, I conducted a survey of our customers (retail shopper, builder, contractor) when I began working here. It was interesting to learn about our customer bases similarities and differences. It also  showed me that there is undoubtably a strong sense of customer loyalty at Mans. Another unique part of Mans, is the family business atmosphere breeds a sense of customer loyalty. Customers have been working with Mans for generations, which says a lot about a working place.


Why do you enjoy working in the Detroit community? 

In the building industry, the Detroit community is so thankful to be busy again. It’s a definite sign of progress and a well-deserved relief. After a long rough patch, people don’t take things for granted, and they have great work ethic.


What’s the biggest highlight of working at your company? 

The biggest highlight of my work is learning. Marketing is like problem-solving, and I get to provide solutions. I use hard and soft skills, my left and right brain, keeping me on my toes. Plus, it’s great to work with a company that has family history and a tribe of loyal customers.


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