Why I love living in Detroit (10 really great reasons)

1. I can genuinely say that my city hustles harder than yours. 

Photo Credit: dribbble.com

2. Eastern MarketIt’s the best farmers market in America. Hands down. The market has  5 large sheds and is surrounded by awesome local shops like Russell Street Deli (the best breakfast diner), Supino’s (the best pizza), R. Hirt Jr. & Co. (the best cheeses), Germack Pistachio Company (the best snacks), Antiques, El Guapo Food Truck (the best food truck). It’s just the best.

3. Our Mayor is a baller. No really, Mayor Bing was a 7 time all start basketball player. A true baller. Plus, he really cares about the city.

4. The architecture.  Homes and buildings in Detroit – the old, the dilapidated, the newly renovated- are beautiful. Palmer Woods, Fisher BuildingGuardian BuildingDetroit Central Station just to name a few. Even more, there’s all the creative, newly renovated buildings, such as the old church transformed into a bar (Patron Saint of Whiskey, as they say) St. Cece’s Pub in Corktown and downtown The Westin Book Cadillac home of Michael Symon’s restaurant Roast (yum!).

5. The people. I love hearing people’s stories of why they moved here, why they stayed, and why they came back. It’s not your usual run of the mill story. There is a drive that brings people here. Not to mention all the celebs that have sprouted out of Detroit: Arethra Franklin, Jack White, Madonna, Mitch Albom, Tim Allen, Eminem, and so on…

6. My (poor) driving skills fit right in. (Let’s be honest, Detroiters aren’t the best at driving. Traffic laws are optional… for the most part.)

Heidelberg Project

7. Public art. All mediums- paint, sculputure, graffiti- create an engaging and exciting perspective. Check out the web app Artown to see where you can find all types of art around the city.

8. I never have to walk alone… no one would allow me to do that.

9. The history. I learn something new about Detroit every day. The culture and history of Detroit is rich and deep. There is no one that can argue that Detroit wasn’t influential in shaping history, and let me tell you, there is so much more to come. Plus, the music. First, there was Motown, then there came electronic dance music. Many thanks to Detroit for the creatives who began it all.

10. Making a difference. It was once told to me that “Detroit is small enough where you matterbut big enough where it matters to the world.” I couldn’t agree more. We are in the middle of a reveloution. Even Madonna (born & raised in metro Detroit) could feel it. At her recent concert in November, she emphatically yelled to the crowd, “Detroit is having a come-back. I can feel it.”


“Speramus meliora. Resurget cineribus.” Detroit’s motto translated into “We hope for better things. It will arise from the ashes.”
Cheers to living in Detroit <3