As part of our challenge project in partnership with EcoWorks and West Village Association, we were tasked with creating a mobility strategy to help West Village move closer to becoming a more environmentally responsible neighborhood as part of West Village’s Eco-D designation. “Eco-D is an initiative formed to help Detroit neighborhoods become not only great neighborhoods, but green neighborhoods. Eco-D supports community-driven plans to meet basic needs in our neighborhoods both now and, equally importantly, into the future.”

Ecodistricts strive to promote environmental justice through ensuring residents have clean air, clean water, and clean soil by adapting energy efficient practices, recycling, and utilizing alternative forms of transportation (decrease car dependency, and car emissions). WV has a number of initiatives in the works including creating a green alley that will assist in the neighborhood’s storm-water management (drainage credits!) as well as beautifying and activating underutilized space.

During our community/stakeholder interviews, residents identified personal safety as one of the main barriers for mobility in WV. Whether it was poor lighting and the fear of getting mugged, or high traffic speeds and lack of bike safety education, it was clear that if WV residents are to be encouraged to ride the bus, ride their bikes, walk instead of driving a car safety/crime concerns would have to be addressed. The good news is that West Village is already on it. They’re currently in the process of getting more street lights (solar ones off course), holding community meetings and working with various organizations to address their community needs.