Like many crazy days before, I pulled into TacoBell late one evening with the [hangry] cravings. Impatient at the sight of a long drive-thru line, I pulled into park and ran inside to order. After that I stepped to the side of the cashiers line, I realized I had now joined a very testy group of hungry customers who had also tried the same maneuver.

The gentleman behind me ordered and followed suit. After scanning the crowd he said “y’all are gunna stare at your phones and ignore that people are right here, huh.”

I [who was also looking at my phone] looked up, smiled, and said “don’t you know that’s the only way we [millennials] know how to function?”

A few nervous laughs managed to echo in the room and eventually the corner of hungry cranksters turned into a slap-happy corner of people sharing a hangry moment together. Eventually some of those in the room faded off back to their devices, but I learned about some of their occupations, their families, and their upcoming travel plans… all while waiting for a few burritos.

Do you take advantage of awkward silences for the chance of good conversation? Who knows, it could change your life forever. I’ll tell you how…


If you know this image…

One day in an elevator crowded with hotel guests and a bell boy, strangers stood shoulder-to-shoulder in piercing silence. With poise and confidence, one gentleman hummed the tune to Little Bitty Pretty One. Shortly after the bell boy chimed along in harmony and following suit I snapped my fingers for the beat. For the few floors we climbed, we [strangers] harmonized and the hotel guests with us couldn’t help but smile. This is the moment I fell in love with my husband (the hummer) for his ability to cherish even the most awkward of moments and transform them into mini parties.

In the Spirit of Halloween, I double-dog dare you (meaning that if I dare you I promise to do it too) to find moments in your every day life where you can take advantage of face value communications. Your phone will continue to upload new messages, game scores, and Snapchats in the process- I promise. Next time you’re in line, ask the other person behind you how their day is going. Next time you’re in an elevator be sure greet your riders with a smile and wish them a blessed day. We can smile at our [inanimate] objects as we cherish a feel good moment for ourselves, but why not share those moments with others, and especially strangers, in hopes that the rippled effect is nothing more than a wave of joy and love for one another. Challenge: Will you start the wave? 

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