Where has the time gone? No, really?!

23 rotations around the sun, 18 years of schooling, and thousands of google searches later…I still know nothing, and that’s perfectly fine. But somehow, each year, I see myself growing in ways that’d often seemed foreign, farfetch, and illusive. Along the way, i’ve learned to continually trust the process and let go.


Trust the Process.

As 2018 closes, the importance of growth, self realization, and exploring the unknown becomes more and more apparent to my journey through life. Think of trusting the process as a foundational piece to each form of growth. In order to fully immerse within current professional and mental states, becoming confident in accepting the good, the bad, and many detours along the way is necessary.



By trusting the process, I took myself out of my comfort zone, earned placement into Challenge Detroit, and took on a huge role as project manager within my host company. As stressful as it has been, accepting each piece of the process has gained me both technical and life skills that i’d otherwise not experience.

Challenge Detroit Orientation Week


  • Take a moment:


    • Be resilient, be in the moment, and believe in yourself!
    • Embrace ambiguity.
    • Don’t allow the detours to become roadblocks. Reposition, reevaluate, and approach each obstacle as a challenge you’re ready to solve.


Let Go.

Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center

Until this year, I never truly knew what it meant to let go. Crazy right, it seems so simple. The verymoment I became cautious of my resistance to fully let go is the day I decided to climb a suspended platfo

rm, step to the edge of that same platform, and in 1…2….3 jump! After beginning to climb, I wondered why the hell I would agree to do something so crazy! Why would Challenge Detro

it’s orientation week push fellows to do this of all things?! Heart racing, moments later, my mind went blank.

Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center


Attached to a rope and extending outward to a beam within the air, I opened my mind to the new direction my career was heading and learned to trust the factors of life that I can not control. I watched my tight grip of control loosen and open up to the lessons ahead.



  • Take a moment:


    • Become  intentional and open to new experiences..
    • Ask lots of questions. There’s so much to know!
    • Don’t be afraid to try new things.



Trusting the process and letting go has truly opened my eyes to the knowledge and opportunity that surrounds me. Forever grateful, I hope you too find the provided tips helpful and grow with me along the way!