Monday Morning…(Day 1)


7:30 am: Okay, I’m ready to go. Lunch: Check; Snack: Check; Notebook: Check; What else am I missing? Oh right, keys. I should get there a little early, I’m excited to see what they have in store for me. I wonder who I will be working with. I hope they are nice, anyone who works in Human Resources has to be patient, right? I mean I can’t imagine what types of issues and people they encounter and solve problems for throughout the week.


7:58 am: Perfect timing, a little on the early side to settle in before I start. I get my own cubicle and computer, I must make sure I write down my password to get in. I know I am going to forget it at some point during the day…


9:30 am: Wait was it a 2 or a 3 at the end of my password to get into my computer? Should I ask someone? I don’t want to bother anyone. Oh okay, good, my boss is back. She was nice about it. Need to write that password down.


9:45 am: I’m getting a phone call; how do you answer when you pick up? Do I say my full name? Only my first name? What comes first, the name of the department I work in or my name? I hope no one can hear me on the phone. I have to pay attention to how the woman next to me answers her phone so I know what to do.


11:00 am: First official meeting done, everyone seems very nice and open. I don’t know how I am going to remember all of these names. I should write them down. Oh no, another call. I should transfer the call to the other woman in my department. How do I do that? Wait, what’s her number? What’s my number?? I know I have it written down. I should put a sticky note next to the phone of the phone numbers I should know.


12:30 pm: Okay, Lunch. I can do this, I prepared for this. Does everyone eat lunch on their own? Should I just sit here at my desk? Is that inappropriate? I hope no one can smell my lunch, I would hate to be the one to stink up the office.


1:00 pm: Why didn’t I write down the phone numbers! Where did I find them last time…


2:30 pm: I’m starting on my first project! It should take me a while to get through. I don’t feel like I should be trusted with so much insider information about the company and employees. Yesterday I was just a regular Challenge Detroit Fellow, today I have the ability to access every company-related detail about any employee in the company.


5:00 pm: Okay, not such a bad day. I like where I sit, I didn’t screw anything up and I actually made some friends. Time to do it all again tomorrow.