In Detroit, among the most segregated cities in America, 8 Mile Road serves as a sharp dividing line.


White: blue dots; African American: green dots; Asian: red; Latino: orange; all others: brown

In response to a recent article and several graphic illustrations about racial segregation across our country, a reoccurring question keeps coming to mind: Are the segregation problems in the Detroit area worse than we think?

Based on the map shown above, I find it shocking to see the segregation within our own city. The segregation does not only affect the city of Detroit but the region as well. Yes there was a lot of racial tension in the past in Detroit but you would think that after so many years and all these new thriving businesses being introduced in that there would be a change.

So how do we address these concerns?

As a region we need to stop working individually and doing whatever is best for our own and start working together, because if Detroit isn’t thriving the whole region will be in trouble. Different activities that can attract suburbanites towards the city are extremely important (besides the usual athletic games), activities that are more community based to get all different types of people together. For example, this past Sunday the fellows attended a Detroit Chamber Winds & Strings ( concert at Recycle Here‘s main building and this was a great example of how the arts can bring people together from different backgrounds. The integration of different cultures is what will help us as a region advance socially and in effect economically.

In your opinion what are other ways to approach these concerns? Please share your thoughts below

– Roy Yewah