Host Company Unknowns

When I joined Challenge Detroit in August, I didn’t quite know what I was stepping into when it came to my host company. Sure, it sounded like a neat opportunity. I was excited to join Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit as I was curious to see how the organization fulfilled its mission day in and day out. I knew I would be joining a new team with colleagues and was interested to see what role I would play.

My Colleagues

When I joined the Marketing team at Goodwill, I learned the team had recently grown to include myself and two other new team members. The senior members were intentional in bringing in the newbies and helping us understand the bigger picture of why Goodwill exists. While each of us plays a different role at Goodwill whether store marketing, social media, graphic design, development, events or community engagement, we all have to work together to further the mission of Goodwill.

My Team

When I joined the Goodwill Marketing team, I just expected to do my job and get along with my colleagues. What I didn’t realize was how important this team would become to my Challenge Detroit experience. My colleagues are one of my biggest supporters when it comes to Challenge Detroit as they have gone above and beyond in the following ways:

  1. They make an effort to attend each Challenge Presentation.
  2. We celebrated Thanksgiving family style, and team members made a point to bring foods that I would be able to eat. As someone who is currently dairy, gluten, and egg free, this is not an easy task. Yet, they cared enough to search out recipes that would allow me to be included in the team event.
  3. When personal challenges arose, they were supportive at the office and even beyond office hours through encouraging texts and messages.
  4. Beyond the workday, there has been intentionality to hang out and attend events together.

So I have to say thank you, Alison, Alana, Lauren, and Richelle. The last four months would not have been the same without your support and encouragement.