You know that feeling when you have a ton on your plate and every little thing is running through your mind but you can’t get anything done because you’re just so focused on how stressed you are about all the things you have to do? It’s almost like you get more stressed thinking about how stressed you are and it’s just a vicious, never-ending cycle.

Well I’m sick of feeling that way.

As of late, I’ve had very little time to just be with myself and be happy. I’ve been so focused on deadlines, assignments, and keeping up with social appearances that I haven’t had time to do the things I really need to do…like enjoy life. So enough is enough, I want to…no scratch that….need to, spend some quality time keeping up with myself.

We all do it. We run ourselves into the ground. Whether it is in school, at work, in our social lives, in our workout routines, or any daily habits we have. We never stop going until we can’t go anymore. But that isn’t always a good thing. We don’t need to constantly exhaust ourselves to feel accomplished. We can find fulfillment in things that are good for our soul as well.

So to keep your mind, body, and soul happy, try these:

  1. Sit down. Relax. Breathe: Life feels better when you take a moment to yourself and reflect on all you’ve accomplished at that point.
  2. Focus on one task at a time: Don’t stress about all the things on your to-do list. Prioritize and break them down one at a time. You’re not going to get anything done if you worry about how you’re not going to get anything done.
  3. Take time for yourself: Is there something you “should” be doing but it’s not that urgent? Go read a book, drink a glass of wine, or call your best friend. That task will still be there when you’re done and now you feel more relaxed to accomplish it.
  4. And if all else fails: Call your mom. She’ll always listen to you complain about how much you have to do and then give you some awesome vague advice that will only stay with you until the next time you’re stressed and calling her again.

We all get stressed and we all get through it. At the end of the day, the Earth is still spinning, the sun hasn’t burned out yet, and now McDonald’s serves breakfast all day. Be happy.