For as far back as I can remember I have always associated the start of a new year with the unveiling at the auto show. I never missed a press release and stayed glued to the television when the charity preview rolled out the red carpet. I loved the high fashion, the muscle cars, the family trucks, the concept vehicles and the crowds…there was not a thing about the auto show that deterred me.
It never crossed my mind that going to school 8 hours away would cancel my yearly routine and visiting the auto show—sometimes multiple times. For three years I felt a void, not just of cars but of so much of the blueprint that makes Detroit home. While Washington, D.C. has an auto show, it pales in comparison to Detroit’s worst show.
It was during these forced experiences of “remedying homesick” that I began to really understand just how special Detroit was to me.
The North American International Auto Show is not just a “car show” it goes beyond anything ordinary and sets the tone for the new year. I believe the auto show symbolizes much of what it means to live and play in Detroit. It is not just a fun experience; it is part of finely webbed quilt of Detroit. It is an opportunity to observe families both young and old exploring vehicles and all of their new features. However, my favorite part is observing the concept cars and daydreaming about the forecast of Detroit’s future.
It is needless to say, the auto show is a mandatory experience–it’s a yearly gift from Detroit to the world.