It’s no secret that the city of Detroit is going through major changes. Transformation is never an easy process; however, I’m finding navigating the changes happening in my community increasingly more difficult and exhausting. For every new restaurant that is built and every dollar invested into a new stadium my mind turns to homes that are still without water. There are children that are still in danger of being separated from their families, because their homes don’t have water. There are families that are fighting for their homes in midst of an ongoing foreclosure crisis. Public schools, which have had deplorable conditions for a while now, are being shut down due to “sick-outs” by teachers who are fed up with the way both themselves and their students are being treated by government officials who ultimately control the schools through funding. These are just the most talked about issues, but amidst all the “progress” happening here there is no denying that people are still suffering. Black people specifically are suffering most, because Detroit is still occupied by mostly African Americans, and as a black woman from Detroit these are not issues I can pick up and put down when it’s convenient for me. They are ever present in my heart and on my mind, and so I am just trying to find ways to stay centered and hold on to peace within through it all. A very small way in which I am trying to do that is by listening to while at work. It helps quiet my mind if only for a moment so I can focus on getting my work done. Since it’s been helping me so much lately I figured the least I could do is pay it forward.