My favorite joy in life is having the opportunity to witness small beautiful moments – and let me tell you Detroit is FULL of them. The following are just a few snippets of  my favorite simple moments in the City:

  1. Spontaneous Line Dancing – This particular event occurred while seeing one of my favorite artists, Emily King, at El Club in Southwest Detroit. Excited for the show, I arrived early with a friend, and only a group of four women stood between us and the stage. The group of women seemed just as excited as we were – they were already dancing, even without music. Emily King is known for her dancing and stage presence, and let me tell you these women knew it. As soon as she belted out the first note these women broke out into full choreographed dancing. Soon we were all grooving along with them – including Ms. King.  LESSON: Go to a show and let loose.
  2. Returning Customers – Trying to explore a bit more of Midtown Detroit I happened upon Source Booksellers on Cass Ave. I got to know the owner, Janet, and her daughter. They both have such a welcoming demeanor and work in tandem beautifully together. My favorite moment while in the store was seeing a woman walk in one day and get one of the most excited greetings. She was a regular who had not been in the store for a while – Janet and her talked for what seemed like hours. LESSON: Read books and talk to people.
  3. Rollerskating Quintet – I have never seen such grace as what I witnessed at Northland Roller Rink on 8 Mile. As I stumbled along and flailed in my unfamiliar skates, a group of five adults – arms linked together – glided by me with ease. They were a beautiful spectacle, especially as they smiled and laughed together to the R&B beat reverberating off the rink floor.  LESSON: Have a hobby that brings you joy and practice it!
  4. Snowball Fights Under a Bridge – Detroit had just received a wonderful 12 inches of snow from mother nature when my friends and I were driving along West Riverfront Park. We decided to pull over and ended up hurling snowballs at each other until we collapsed from exhaustion – as we looked up all we saw was the Ambassador Bridge clouded by flurries. LESSON: Be spontaneous.

    She groovin’

    She movin’