Have you ever had a slow-moving relaxing day?  That is Detroit in the summer.

Somehow everything slows down, in the best way.

I’m not sure what does it.  

Maybe it’s the heat.  Especially considering that these old beautiful homes we live in the city don’t have air conditioning.

But I suspect it’s more than just the temperature.  There’s something about the thawing out of winter.  People come out.  People you haven’t seen in months are sitting on their porch.

Belle Isle transforms from an undisturbed snowy island to the spot.  People gather there.  Whether it’s laying out on the Belle Isle beach or just sitting in the car with the windows down enjoying the breeze from the Detroit river, summertime Belle Isle is buzzing. There are picnics and music and swimming and sleeping and sitting and basking. 

The neighborhood becomes the a life-sized front porch. Windows are open, kids are laughing, the sound of ice cream trucks’ music resounds, pick-up basketball games are underway, and the smell of barbecue grills inaugurates the months of slowing down.  It all comes together to overwhelm the senses in a way that begs you to sit back and have a tall glass of iced tea and catch up with neighbors.

It’s incredible because during these months people still work. They still have families. Life still happens. But somehow, mysteriously, things feel slow.  I am not sure how it happens, but it’s magical.

These slow months. They can’t come fast enough.