Day 10 (6/28) Reflections

Day at Deloitte.

Deloitte 3

















Joe Gaglio

  • Specializes in risk
  • Works with banks and financial institutions

Understand how something big works can translate down to the small ideas and think a few step forwards

Eric Ringle

  • Automotive and manufacturing
  • IT controls and process, how does management track and report their financial reports

Mena McLean

Neesha Modi


Answer these questions to better simplify our model:

How do you know there is a need?

What are we?

How much does it cost us to run a day?

  • What supplies and materials do we need for a day

Define our strategy for minimum viable product?

Must have, should have, nice to have—ideas to help simplify



I had to leave early this day, and so I was unable to take notes.  The time I was there was very helpful.  Ultimately the Deliotte staff helped us narrow our idea down to what was the viable product that we were producing, which was a restaurant.

Now this was not our ideal thought.  We were thinking more that if we created an awesome space, people would come.  In fact, the Deliotte staff helped us figure out that it was the quality of the product that was being offered, which drew people to the space.

They proved this to us by taking a quick field trip to their D-Club.  This was Deloitte’s nice coffee space/ non-office space.  It was really cool, but as they told us, it was underutilized because the coffee “sucked.”

Deloitte 2