Hoping I am around to see the day where mental health is an open and free discussion since is it much more prevalent than we think. There are numerous clinics dedicated to such issues but it in city of 80% African Americans, why can’t we come together and talk about it? I’ve ran into issues where people choose to be guarded which is fine, but I genuinely believe knowing an individual isn’t alone in regards to mental health issues and that many people have similar issues can be slightly comforting.

Man of these community centers offer not only health services but housing and job guidance as well. My team was able to meet someone from the Cass Community Social Services who took a group of men to the Belle Isle Aquarium and was extremely dedicated to the health and wellness of the group of mental disabled men she guided through the peaceful aquarium. The Cass Community Social Services is one of the many resources providing for the community in all aspects. Establishments such as New Center Community Services and their motto being “Standing Up For Mental Health” provides the resources such as outpatient programs, medication clinics, supportive housing and learning labs to make mental health a more comfortable conversation.

There are many ways mental health issues are handled depending on the person and the issue. Some may be able to conceal while some wear their heart on their sleeves, nothing is wrong with either of those ways.