I stumbled upon my passion for mobility when I moved to Detroit 2 years ago. Why Mobility? Because as someone who have been practicing and facilitating Design Thinking for almost 9 years, and in various global contexts, I find mobility to be an exercise in empathy, relevant to all human beings.
Whether a student on a daily walk to school in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, a tech savvy professional in Seoul Korea, or a relaxed Camel riding desert nomad anywhere, we are who we are, and we made of history what we have, because we needed to move, explore, run, feed ourselves, reach for hight…
Mobility, is therefore the careful study of such needs, personal ones. Mobility results from the uninterrupted exchange between people, objects, and the spaces they exist in.
The examination of people is attention to behavior.   
The examination of objects means the understanding of material.
And the exploration of spaces means the observation of movement and kinetics.
It is only through the examination of People, Objects, and spaces that we begin to see beyond binary answers to human problems. Therefore, designing the experience of mobility becomes a true exercise in Empathy.