My greatest desire is freedom. I express my desire for freedom through my artwork. In my art I am free to create new worlds in which I may be free. I wish to free myself from this fear, for it is my greatest puppet master.

The first hurdle on my path to freedom is the escape. Before I can start to be free I must escape the prison within that constricts me. In this first piece I explore the concept of escape through the visual of a figure flipping off of a cliff onto a small boat below and sailing away. The cliff; large and rough represents the pressure of society, I am completely powerless before a force of this magnitude. My only hope is to escape this force that has manifested itself as this mountain. Focus on the action, to escape this feeling I must risk my life, nothing worth having is without serious risk. But I think it means something greater, it is so frightening to change oneself. We attach so much of who we are to our actions, my fear is that through change I risk losing who I am and what makes me special and unique.