Do you remember getting your first car? I do! Mine was a 2005 Navy Blue Toyota Corrolla. I loved that car. That car got me through college, my first job, and grad. school. It moved from California to Arizona. It drove me and friends to the beach and back. It survived 2 fender benders and punctured bumper. I loved that car!


I loved the independence my car gave me. When I moved to Detroit, I gave that up. I didn’t mind giving up that independence up because it felt like an adventure. An adventure into the millennial big city living thaaaaang. And so far it has been an adventure…


My walk to work has been an adventure. I love my .7 mile walk to work that doubles as my physical activity of the day. On my daily walks I have been able to experience the city every day. I have been able to see the road testing of the M-1, the transformation of Campus Matrious from beach to winter wonderland. I have crossed paths with friends and fellows- this makes Detroit feel like a small town and it always makes my day.


Running errands has been an adventure. What do you do when you need to go to Target. If you are a type-A person, you probably make a shopping list, grab your keys, and go! What do I when, I need to go to Target? Grab my phone and open my urban mobility apps: Maven, Zip Car, and Lyft. Up until recent, Uber, would have been on this list but they have been axed from the mix. I run the number: Is there a surge? Yes, then Zipcar or Maven it is.


Getting to Challenge Fridays has been an adventure. It is the Thursday before our First Challege Friday, and I realize I have no idea how I am getting to Tech. Town. I grabbed my phone and text the group of fellows that live Downtown:


Me: Hey, are you guys driving to Tech Town tomorrow”?

Fellow #1: Yup, I am!

Me: Can I ride with you?

Fellow #2: Me to!

Fellow #1: Of Course, meet me on Woodward at 8:30!


Although it seems silly now, I that time I had some reservations about asking my new friends/colleagues for a ride. Those days are long gone, and my friends have basically driven my everywhere in the city. Being motorless in the motor city, means I get by with a little help from my friends. This has been one of my favorite adventure of all!