The month of May brought visitors from home into my life in Detroit.

In early May, I drove to Fort Wayne, IN to meet up with a colleague and mentor from Phoenix. Beth was the first to teach me about trim pieces, navigating a professional design studio, and how to buy and remodel her own home.

On the 9th, I met up with a friend from college. Out of 13 Interior Design majors from Flagstaff, AZ, two of us somehow ended up working within 10 minutes of each other across the country from where we met.

On the 11th, my brother flew in from Phoenix for a week. His visit caused feelings of intense homesickness as well as pride in sharing meaningful places and people specific to Detroit.

Early June brought my friends from Phoenix and Boston into town. As two of the people who know me best and with whom I have shared so many experiences, I was grateful to share the city as well as a community meeting for our sixth project. Through that, they saw why I love what I am able to do through Challenge Detroit, meet Detroiters, and see what’s happening in the non-profit sector here. Dana noted that she wants to find community projects happening in Boston when she returns.

I have the privilege of access to events and experiences in the city of Detroit that have forever changed me as a community member. I’m grateful for the visits from home, because they reminded me why I am here and what is still left to do, and gave me hope for the future.


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