Now that I am 8 months into Challenge Detroit, I can confidently saw I have a handle on my life as week. Want to know what a week in the life of a Fellow looks it? Keep reading …

I have to be at DTE at 8:00am, so I wake up at 6:00am to get shower, get ready, prep my lunch, and get caught-up on my e-mails. By the time I complete all of that, it is past 8 and time for me to rush out of my apartment. I walk to work and sometimes see a fellow or two on my way!
On Mondays, I have my Corporate Citizenship meeting. I spend my mornings prepping for that meeting by updating our project timeline, and putting together our agenda. I grab a quick bite from my pre-packed lunch. It is also most 1:00pm so I head to our meeting room to prep it. It’s showtime! People from across DTE begin to trickle into the room and I start the meeting. After a meeting of collaborating, reviewing, and discussing, the meeting is over. I have action items from that meeting, so I spend the rest of the afternoon working on those.

See above for morning routine. Tuesdays are my day to get caught up on Challenge Detroit work. I bring my laptop to work and use my lunch to catch up on e-mails. Depending on how far a long we are with a Challenge, I will e-mail team members to see if need to meet.

Wednesday were often a day to meet with your Challenge team. We would usually meet at a fellow’s house or apartment. These meetings were productive and the entire team worked really hard to keep on track for deliverables. These meetings were also really fun! My favorite meeting to date was for the Beaumont Health challenge; our team met at a house in cork town and sanded some reclaimed frames while watching really bad reality TV.

Thursday is the busiest social night in Detroit. There are a lot of panels, gallery opening, and networking mixers on Thursdays. Fun night!


The best day of the week! I get to see all the Fellows at Techtown. I get to TechTown right before 9am and do report out and work with my team until the end of the day. Something during the day you had to eat: if you were on a team with me, you knew we were going to have a great team lunch at a local restaurant. It is 4:30pm and time for report outs and the spirit ball. The day is done and it is time for Happy Hour!