Over the last 6 weeks, I have worked with an amazing non-profit organization called aPUREmovement.

aPUREmovement Logo

aPUREmovement’s newest logo

The Founder and Director, Charyse “Mahogany Jones” Bailey has curated events numerous events focused on women’s empowerment, girls’ mentorship and survivors of domestic violence and abuse across the Metro Detroit area. With events like “Detroit Denim Day” and social media hashtag campaigns, like #NotUrAssumptions, aPUREmovement strives to challenge rape culture and celebrate the beauty of all women. After 5 long years, aPUREmovement officially became a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in January of 2018.

aPUREmovement style guide

The new style sheet with color palette & logo variations.

Since aPUREmovement is a new organization, it is vital to have branded materials to establish a consistent brand identity during its inaugural year. With aPUREmovement’s first goal of building its girls mentorship program, I suggested a redesign of the current curriculum. I was quite excited to use my design skills to rebrand their girls’ mentorship program curriculum.  The tangible value of a branded curriculum would allow the organization to have a consistent look and feel to the lesson plans and worksheets, which can increase the level of professionalism and organization seen from potential new donors.

After different meetings with staff of aPUREmovement, we established a style guide sheet that would be the blueprint for the curriculum design.

Overall, this project was a success and I look forward to how aPUREmovement will expand its mentorship programs across the city.