Recently, I had a friend visit Detroit for the first time. Although the weather was less than ideal, I still wanted to showcase some of Detroit’s attractions. There are numerous things to do in Detroit during pleasant weather, but here are a few places that can be enjoyed in all seasons, rain or shine. 


Eastern Market

Shed 3 is full of local vendors!

 Eastern Market is open every Saturday 7AM to 4PM year round. Fun for all ages, Eastern Market is a great opportunity to shop and support local businesses. During the summer months, vendors are able to take advantage of the outdoor space, but if you are looking for a place to walk around even when the weather is less than ideal, Sheds 3 and 5 are a nice escape.

Belle Isle

You might be surprised to see Belle Isle on a list of things to do in the winter, but the island offers a few indoor attractions that are sure to please. To add a cherry on top, all of the following are donation based entry fees.

The Belle Isle Aquarium

The nation’s oldest aquarium is home to fish from all over the world. If you time your trip right, you can even watch the Piranhas get fed!

Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory

  Get your daily dose of greens here! This greenhouse is sure to cure the winter blues with the desert and tropical exhibitions. 

The Exhibition Room is great for parties, they even have a disco ball!

Dossin Great Lakes Museum

A hidden gem! I didn’t know about this museum until I went with my friend, and it is filled with fun and interactive exhibits. You can try your hand at steering a number of boats, from a canoe to a Great Lakes Freighter.

 Photo of the author pretending to be a captain on the high seas

Avalon Bakery

Why not finish your day at one of Avalon’s many locations throughout the city? Warm up with a coffee or tea or try one of their many baked goods. My favorite are the Sea Salt Chocolate Chip, any visiting friends or family should try them before they leave.