A bar and a soccer field in one? Sounds like a dream. That dream turned to reality when I discovered the Detroit City Fieldhouse. I have been playing soccer for 17 years, and after my last college game I never thought I would play again, because I was moving to a new city and did not know what to expect. Little did I know, 3 minutes down the road from my apartment, was the newly built indoor soccer field for the DCFC men’s soccer team.

I will never forget the joy I felt, when my cousin texted me asking if I wanted to be a substitute for her team. I felt a certain comfort on the soccer field from the moment I touched the ball, that work and my apartment could never give me. After playing with my cousin, I went on to join 2 more leagues and have met so many amazing people along the way. The bar above the field made the field house serve as more than just a place to run around and kick a ball, but more so a place to connect with individuals who share the same interests.

One thing I will take with me to whatever city I end up in:

Don’t let moving to a new city be the barrier that stops you from continuing to do the things you love.