In 2020 so many people lost their jobs, loves ones and or fell into depression. If there is something I learned that year is gratitude. I define gratitude as a feeling of thankfulness. 2020 made us realize that what we have can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye.  We witness something like never before; an Icon past away so unexpectedly because of a helicopter crash, many recent college graduates struggled to find a job, while so many workers were being laid off. The pandemic caused people to fall into a deep hole and caused them not see the end of the tunnel. The pandemic made us feel this way, it made us forget the little things that matter the most. We forgot that despite all the adversity that was throne at us we still had something so much valuable, our Life and our health! Gratitude allowed me to appreciate my life, health, and loves ones.  Gratitude allowed me to learned that I cannot control what is going on around me but I can control how I approach it. Today I ask you to take a few minutes to sit in a quite space and reflect on the little things that you have been taking for granted. Take the time to reflect and be grateful for your health, life, family, food, and whatever you have taken for granted.  You will value it so much more. I promise you that when you wake up every day with gratitude, it will change the way you will look at the world. Lastly, ” you will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated”- Maya Angelou