Did you know that approximately 6.5 million cats and dogs will enter an animal shelter every year? About 3.2 million of these animals will be adopted, which leaves 3.3 million still looking for a home.* Adopting isn’t the only option – fostering an animal can make a big difference to a shelter. This helps to free up space and resources for other animals, as well as acclimate the fostered animal to home life. 


Given Detroit’s harsh winter, fostering can be even more helpful during those cold months. There are numerous organizations in the metro Detroit area that are dedicated to animal welfare. Beyond just shelters, they can help to conduct welfare checks on neglected animals and provide support for pet owners who may need assistance paying for supplies or medical bills. They also aren’t limited to just dogs and cats – some shelters even work to find homes for animals like pigs!

A photo of a black puppy on a red chair

Meet Chili Fry, the puppy I’ve been fostering


One option is for adoption or fostering is Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR). I’ve recently had the opportunity to become more familiar with their work when I started fostering a puppy through their foster program. Founded in 2011, they are Detroit’s first no-kill shelter. They have had a transfer agreement with the City of Detroit since 2015, meaning that Detroit Animal Control will transfer dogs to DDR for rehabilitation and re-homing. They are also a licensed 501(c)(3).


You can learn more about Detroit Dog Rescue at their website, where you can also donate or apply to adopt or foster – https://detroitdogrescue.com/. Consider taking in a dog from a shelter before going to a breeder, and help change their life!

*(source: ASPCA)