Viridiana Camacho Murga is a 2021-2022 Fellow. She was born in Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua, but was raised in Southwest Detroit from around the age of 3. She graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy in 2020 with a Bachelors in Communications and a minor in Addiction Studies. She likes to help the community she was raised in and has been a High School Success Coach and Senior Program Manager where she helped students in her community apply to colleges and scholarships. She is also on the core team involved with the organization of SW Fest, a free music festival in Southwest Detroit started in 2021.

Tell us about your host company and your role in the organization.
My host company is Detroit Public Schools Community District. Here, I work with their Knowledge Management Department. I work with and support over 100 Web Content Managers using Blackboard to keep the 106 school sites on up to date. Recently, we have been working on launching a family hub. My role in this was to help populate content and track the implementation of it.

My group and I at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Tell us about a challenge project you’re working on; what are you learning from the experience?
I’m currently working through our final Challenge project with a community partner that was chosen by my team and I. It’s hard to believe we’re reaching the end of the program overall. For this project we decided to work with the amazing organization “L!fe Leaders.” While holding some similarities to the previous projects I’ve assisted with, this one has its proven differences. From nonprofit vetting to planning out our entire project process, this challenge thus far has really taught me how to plan and implement a project without assistance. I know for sure the project coordination skills I’m learning so far will be a huge asset for me. Skills that I can apply any and everywhere I go.

How do you hope to impact the community as a Fellow?
As a Fellow, I hope to impact the community in a positive way. I want the challenge partners and people who are involved at these organizations to know that there are people out here who care and want to make a difference and plan on making one.

A photo of myself listening to Songs & Sermons at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

Since becoming a Fellow, what new skill/skills have you gained?
Since becoming a Fellow, I have gained a better understanding of The Design Thinking Process. Not only have I been able to use this process to help the challenge partners we have had, but I will carry this with me in future roles and use it to help others as well. Through my host company, I have become familiar with using Blackboard, which DPSCD uses as a learning management system.

How do you believe your fellowship year will shape your career moving forward?
Moving forward, Challenge Detroit has made me realize my love for community work and the people of Detroit. I now know what I want from a future employer and will strive to find a role that not only fulfills me, but where I know I am making a difference.

What would you say to someone who is considering applying to be a Fellow?
Do it. Even if you don’t think you’re ready. You’ll surprise yourself at the connections that you will make and the knowledge you will gain.