Miranda Graleski is a Year 10 Fellow from Macomb, Michigan. She attended Michigan State University where she graduated from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics and Management. She was heavily involved with the Sustainable Business Association and continues to spend her time focusing on initiatives that promote environmental sustainability.

Tell us about your host company and your role in the organization.
My host company is DTE Energy. I work in Public Affairs on their Program Management Office where I help manage their Corporate Citizenship efforts. I am involved with their ESG/ Sustainability reporting and other initiatives that support the sustainability of the environment and all surrounding communities.

My view from the 22nd floor of the DTE Energy building.

Tell us about a challenge project you’ve worked on; what have you learned from the experience?
One of the challenge projects I worked on was for Class Act Detroit. From this experience, I have learned so much. I was able to work closely with a nonprofit and see the inner-workings. During the course of this project I learned about handling operational and marketing materials while also taking on other aspects of the nonprofit.

How do you hope to impact the community as a Fellow?
I hope to make a lasting impact. I hope to see some of the work I have been able to curate and assist the nonprofits in their operations. From marketing materials to website aspects, I hope to see the work I have created live on in the nonprofits operations and beyond. I hope that this work will allow these organizations to continue helping the community and spreading their mission.

Since becoming a Fellow, what new skill/skills have you gained?
I have gained immense experience with project management. I have learned how to manage a timeline and make sure everything is moving along as it should be.

How do you believe your fellowship year will shape your career moving forward?
My fellowship year has given me the best experience in my exact desired career path. DTE and Challenge Detroit have set me up to lead a successful career positively impacting our environment.

Me and the other DTE Fellows sharing about our experiences over our Detroit favorite- Ima noodles!

What would you say to someone who is considering applying to be a Fellow?
To someone applying to be a Fellow, I would encourage them to keep an open mind. When I came in, I figured I would be doing the work and leaving it at the office each day. Never could I have imagined the relationships and drive that would come from the program. I have always been a passionate individual, but doing meaningful work in the community had me wanting to work past the required Fridays. Meeting so many amazing people and building relationships was not on my list either. I figured I would be friendly with a few folks, but never could I have imagined the lifelong friends I have made along the way.