Madeline Miller is a 2020-2021 Fellow at DTE. She hails from Detroit, Michigan. She has a Master of Professional Science in Coastal Zone Management from University of Miami, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Spelman College.

Beacon Park during Cider in the City

Tell us about your host company and your role in the organization.
My host company is DTE. I am currently a Neighborhood Revitalization Fellow in the Department of Public Affairs. My role consists of outreach and assistance in Beacon Park programming and activities. I am currently working to highlight the sustainable features of this beautiful greenspace, while using data visualization techniques to capture and communicate to the park’s audience.

Tell us about the challenge project you’re currently working on; what are you learning from the experience?
Through the challenge project I’m currently working on, I’m learning the importance of storytelling that bridges the gap between people from different walks of life. For Focus: Hope’s Generation of Promise (GoP) program, my teammates and I are crafting templates that will help GoP better understand its students and keep them engaged beyond their time as students in the program.

How do you hope to impact the community as a Fellow?
As a Fellow, I hope to shine a light on Detroit’s rich history, culture, and many of its unique, small businesses. I’d like to play a part in encouraging people to live, work, and contribute to Detroit.

How do you believe your fellowship will shape your career moving forward?
My fellowship year will enhance my ability to network and arm me with new skills related to outreach, collaboration, and design. I am working with a much larger and more diverse group than I ever have, which has been a pleasant experience, as well as gaining patience through virtually engaging my coworkers and other team members.

Challenge Detroit Walking Tour of Detroit

Please share the most memorable moment you have experienced so far as a Fellow. Why was it memorable and how has it impacted you?
Thus far, my most memorable moment as a Fellow has been the walking tour of Detroit. I was amazed at the detail in information shared and small jewels about the city that, in some cases, I thought only I knew. This tour was a reminder that there’s always something new to discover, even about familiar places.

If someone is reading this and considering applying to be a Fellow, why would you encourage them to apply?
I would encourage that person to become a Fellow to build a network of compassionate, determined, kind-hearted, knowledgeable individuals with the mission of making all spaces more positive and inclusive.