Tell us about one of your favorite neighborhoods in Detroit and what makes it unique?

One of my favorite neighborhoods in Detroit is Capital Park. I currently live at The Albert in Capital Park and have watched the area change so much throughout the past year and a half. When I first moved downtown, there was not much going on in Capital Park and the area was pretty quiet. While I have lived at The Albert I have watched several new restaurants and shops open in Capital Park, my favorite being LaLantera and Detroit Eatori Market. I love the vibe the area puts out and the friendly people it attracts.

Tell us about the challenge project you’re currently working on, what are you learning from the experience?

The most recent challenge project I worked on was with the Urban Neighborhood Initiatives. During my experience with this project, I learned so much about the Southwest Detroit neighborhood and about how the non-profit is using art to engage their youth. My team focused on how to bring economic growth to the neighborhood through mural tours. These mural tours would show off the art the youth of the neighborhood created and tell the authentic stories of the idea and process behind them.

Tell us about your host company and your role in the organization.

My host company is PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the Big 4 accounting firms. My role within the organization is in PCS Assurance, known as an “auditor”. I work in small teams to do financial statement audits and provide accounting services to private companies throughout the greater Detroit area. We service several different industries but I primarily work with tier 1 and 2 auto manufacturing suppliers. My role in Private Client Services is unique because I get the opportunity to work on several different clients and additional financial statement line items that I would otherwise not get the chance to if I serviced larger publically traded clients. My job is very fast paced which can be stressful at times but the people and environment make it rewarding and worth it.

We asked our partner at PwC to share about the impact that Jodi’s work has on the organization and the community:

“PwC has a strong focus on community service.  Challenge Detroit’s fellowship program aligns perfectly with this focus.  The fellowship has enabled Jodi the opportunity to gain exposure to non-profits in Detroit as well as community leaders.  This experience will continue to cultivate Jodi’s interest in supporting the community going forward which we know she will do long after she completes the fellowship.  In addition, Challenge Detroit enables the fellows to develop and utilize an array of skills, such as, critical thinking, issue resolution, project management, team building and public speaking.  The development of these skills have directly benefited Jodi in her professional position at PwC” – Beth Elliston, PwC | Talent Consultant

What kind of impact do you hope to have with your host company and within the city?
I hope to continue to solve important problems and build trust in society with my host company. PwC is very passionate about serving the city of Detroit through volunteer work and donations. However, I hope to inspire people to seek out ways to give back on their own. While many of my co-workers live outside of the city, I am always sharing my experiences in Detroit and encouraging people to spend more time in Detroit. There are so many people that still don’t know all of the amazing things happening in the city, I hope to share everything I’ve learned about the city thus far, and the impact I have made through the Challenge projects.

What are you most looking forward to during summer in Detroit?

I am most looking forward to exploring new areas of the city, specifically West Village. Because my boyfriend and I live in Capital Park it is easy to stay in the area and visit places that are walking distance. We also recently added a four-legged, furry friend to our family. Our golden doodle, Beau, already loves the city as much as we do and we are so excited to spend time with him at several of the dog parks. My boyfriend and I love being active in the city through running 5K’s, going on bike rides down to the river walk, attending sporting events, hanging out with friends, etc.

How do you believe your fellowship will shape your career moving forward?

I believe my fellowship will shape my career in several different ways. Because my job is primarily analytical, I was able to learn and exercise the more creative side of my abilities. I never really had experience working with non-profits so it opened up a new perspective on community and service for me. My fellowship also introduced me to a new way of solving problems through Design Thinking. I would not have developed these skills without the fellowship and I believe it will be very beneficial to my future success.

For a quick glimpse into Jodi’s life in Detroit check out her spotlight video!