JeNiece is a Fellow at The Platform, a private real-estate development company driven to do good in Detroit.

At host company the Platform, Michigan State University Residential College of Arts & Humanities graduate, JeNiece Freeman-Holt, one of our 2018-2019/Year Seven Fellows, “is providing a layer of support across marketing, social media, events, and administration. She is quickly learning about the pace and demands of the development world as she navigates people and projects. She is an energized part of our team helping us move pieces forward.”

Check out JeNiece’s video to get a glimpse of her life as a Challenge Detroit Fellow working at The Platform, and participating in the 2018-2019 cohort’s very first Challenge Project with non-profit partner The Eastside Community Network (ECN). Learn why she chose to become a Fellow and how she is using her experiences to impact her own community.