I consider myself relatively social and still relatively new to the city, so my family and out-of-town friends will often ask me what I do on weekends in Detroit.

While my answer in the winter mostly consists of “sleeping, eating and doing laundry”, this is DETROIT IN THE SUMMER, a phenomenon that turns even the truest homebody into an urban adventurer.

A few weekends ago, I had what I felt was an all-star Detroit weekend that I would like to share with you.

Gondek, Geoff Gouveia, Kristen Liu-Wong, & Ghostbeard create for Team 1 at Secret Walls at Red Bull House Of Art, in Detroit on 23 June, 2017. Click here for more official photos.

Secret Walls at Red Bull House Of Art, June 23rd, 2017.

Friday—we had some friends over for

dinner in Midtown before checking out Secret Walls, a free art event in Eastern Market that is described as “The Fight Club of the Art Scene”. It took place in the basement/cellar of Red Bull House of Art, where two teams of artists had 90 minutes to create something on a blank wall. They were only allowed to use black and white paint, and it was pretty amazing to see the final product unfold. One team started out strong, but halfway through decided to paint over a whole section of their wall and start over which made the team rushed and kind of scrappy. The other team started off slow but ended up making a complex scene that was fun to take in. The space was packed with all kinds of people, and at the end the audience voted with their feet for the best team. I ended the night at Bronx Bar back in Midtown, which has a great laid-back and local atmosphere.

Saturday—it finally felt like summer and I had plans to go to H2D Swim Club, a monthly pool party hosted by the DJ Haute to Death in the New Center neighborhood. The day was filled with good tunes, good people and excellent pineapple and swan pool floating devices.

H2D Swim Club


The Belt, Detroit








Saturday night—we made our way downtown to meet up with some friends. There was a free concert in the Belt, which is a beautifully redeveloped alley with string lights, murals, and a combination of art galleries and bars. I was introduced to the music of Flint Eastwood, who had us all dancing like idiots and singing along within minutes.

Sunday morning — I met up with a friend for brunch at Mudgies in Corktown. They have a patio decorated like a tiki bar and I swear it did not feel like we were in Detroit anymore. They basically add a fried egg to already amazing sandwiches and “voila!” we have brunch.

Sunday afternoon—I took a quick bike ride over to the Dequindre Cut Greenway, which used to be the Grand Trunk Railway Line and is now a pedestrian path connecting the riverfront to Eastern Market.

This year, I have made a conscious effort to see the city with the potential for new experiences and opportunities. Given the “play” pillar of Challenge Detroit, I think it’s important to let that attitude blend into every corner of my life, now and past the end of the fellowship.