So often I get the question “What is there to do in Detroit?”, my response to the question is “There is so much to do in Detroit, but it’s not always staring you in the face, it’s probably just around the corner.”  I’m going to clue you in on some of the awesome things to do, see and experience in Detroit.

D ‘D’ stands for DINE.  The variety and the number of restaurants in Detroit makes it easy to try something new each time you go out on the town.  For good Thai head to Eastern Market and try Sala Thai. Looking for little bites, head to Green Dot Stables for some delicious sliders.  Stop in D:hive’s Welcome Center on Woodward Ave, grab their list of hundreds of restaurants and take your pick.


‘E’ stands for EASTERN MARKET. What better way to spend a Saturday than enjoying the sights, sounds, and food the one and only Eastern Market.  Just a short drive or bike ride from Downtown you can grab your morning coffee from Germacks



‘T’ stands for TIGERS baseball.  From April to October (hopefully) just a couple blocks from my apartment you can enjoy a beautiful day at the ballpark. Detroit is a city that loves its sports but I think there is a soft spot for the Tigers. No matter the weather or the score of the game, you just can’t go wrong with a day at the park.


‘R’ stands for RUN THIS TOWN. After you’ve dined your way around the city it might be time for a workout. Head to the river-walk, near the Renaissance Center, on Saturday morning and you’ll find a gathering of people from all walks of life ready to ‘networkout’. Yep, networking and working out all wrapped into one.  It’s an amazing way to start your day  (before heading to Eastern Market) and a great way to meet tons of new people looking to be healthy and make change. I’m looking forward to returning to the river once weather is a tad bit warmer.


‘O’ stands for getting OUTSIDE. Sometimes all you have to do is step outside with your walking shoes on a get moving.  Just take the time to enjoy the day outside, stop in a restaurant, check out a shop. So often we find the best things when we aren’t actually looking for them. So just get outside and start discovering!


‘I’ stands for an INTERNATIONAL experience.  In case you forgot, there is a whole country across the river just waiting to be discovered.  Though I admit, I’ve only been to Canada as a part of the Detroit Marathon as I ran over the Ambassador Bridge, along the river front and back through the Windsor Tunnel, but I know there are amazing things to be discovered and I’ll looking for a day trip in the near future.


‘T’ stands for TRY something new. Detroit is a city waiting to be discovered, and it’s up to you to discover what you love.  I’ve given you some starting points but only use those as a guideline.  Detroit will be a million times better when you find your own places.