As a native Detroiter, my family and city taught me Detroit grit – making a way out of no way. The applied pressure breeds creativity, resilience, and toughness unmatched. Detroiters relentlessly hustle harder, and their work ethic unmatched to attain our goals and dreams. Living in the endless pursuit of, investing in self-care and mental health is vital to successfully guarantee your personal well-being.

1. Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel happier improves your mood and sleep while decreasing feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. Not only does movement make you stronger, but it can significantly increase your energy levels. Getting moving by exploring what your preferences are whether walking, weightlifting, dance, etc.







2. Pick a hobby.

The Post is a former post office refurbished to a handmade goods, contemporary craft workshop, and production studio. Grab a friend and learn calligraphy or drop in and buy shop handmade goods.


3. Be mindful.

In the digital world we live in today, everyone is plugged in whether that be on their devices or social media. Pray, meditate or drop in for a yoga class at Citizen Yoga.

4. Affirmations

All too often, we are our own worse critics. Negative or critical self-talk actualizes negative responses, behaviors, and experiences. Affirmations are the positive statements that’ll produce your desired outcomes. Say them in a mirror or write them down in a journal every morning ten times every morning and night.






5. Treat Yourself

Indulge with a Mani/Pedi at the Ten Nail Bar, get a facial at Bare Skin, or unwind at the spa. Reflect introspectively and explore what treating yourself looks like to you.

To show up your best for your family, friends, and work, you must first be whole. Show up for yourself first.