Detroit Hustles Harder. This potent phrase can be seen on many t-shirts (thanks to Aptemal Clothing LLC) all over the metro area, but what is its significance? One of the owners of this clothing franchise, J.P. O’Grady, explains that the phrase “came from us growing up in the city, everybody trying to make something from nothing…People here just need to work harder to get by.” This sentiment resonates deeply with Detroit residents, I know because the Detroit Hustle is palpable. Whether it’s the ingenuity of the poor trying to get by, or the uplifting “started from the bottom, now we’re here,” story, or even the city employees in city hall working relentless hours to benefit the Detroit residents, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone not working their butt off to make this place we call home better for themselves and for others.

This Hustle is catalyzed by the entrepreneurial spirit that drives Detroit residents to create something from nothing. Yes, Detroit has it’s challenges, but from those obstacles come real opportunity. The people of this city, though many have experienced hard times, really have learned to survive in the harshest of conditions; whether those conditions be a city bankruptcy or three feet of snow.

The Detroit Hustle is unique to our city because the challenges are unique to our City. The people that grew up within the 138 square miles are unique, and the people moving here today are unique. Everyone I have met while living and working in the city―whether they’ve been here since birth or just moved a couple years ago―hustle everyday, filling their 24 hours with new endeavors, noble causes, and passion projects to survive.

Moving to Detroit gave me a whole new definition for resiliency. The people here are resilient, passionate, and hard workers. There is no resting on your laurels in Detroit. There is only the constant hustle to make something from nothing and to grow life and beauty where there was none before. Living here is a constant reminder to do more, to be better, and to try harder. Hustling in Detroit isn’t just a hobby, but it’s a way of life. If you want to join the conversation and be apart of the City, you must first join the hustle.