Before we start, full disclosure, I LOVE February 14th, and I am more than qualified to write this post. I have been single for 25 Valentine’s Days in a row (a handful of them in Detroit). 

This year I’ll spend the 14th being the officiant for my childhood best friend’s wedding as she marries her love. They met when he saved her life as she was sinking in quicksand (yeah, they’re cool)! This year is the exception, but generally I create my own Valentine’s Day adventures in the city, so here are some ideas on how to celebrate February 14th in Detroit when you’re single.

  1. This year the 14th falls on a Friday, so grab a few friends and head to the bar. If it were me, I would wear an outfit that suits the day, keep the pink and red color scheme in mind and pick up a few heart shaped accessories at the dollar store. Also, highly recommend picking up a box of cheesy V-Day cards and cash. With those two things in hand, you can tip your bartender in the spirit of the holiday with the perfect puppy-themed valentine and, the one thing we all love, cold-hard cash! Below is my short list of bars to enjoy without being surrounded by mushy love. That way you can bring your own holiday spirit!
    • The Keep- Downtown
    • The Well- Downtown
    • Marble Bar- New Center
    • The Old Miami- Midtown
    • Lost River- East Side
  2. If you want the perfect Valentine’s Day photo op, head to Candy Bar where the décor perfectly matches the holiday. Maybe even be a little extra and rock a red outfit. With the all-pink backdrop of Candy Bar, you’re guaranteed the perfect commemorative photo of your single Valentine’s Day in Detroit!
  3. Don’t be afraid to dine alone and treat yourself to a delicious meal, because #selflove is always trending. Below are a few recommendations for Detroit restaurants to spoil yourself at on the 14th
    •  Marrow- West Village
    • Lady of the House- Corktown
    • She Wolf- Midtown
    • Flowers of Vietnam- Southwest
  4. Lastly, if your love language is receiving gifts, spend the day shopping at women-owned businesses in the city for the perfect gift for you and the single ladies in your life. A few of my favorite Detroit-based, women-owned businesses for personal shopping and gifting are below… but, as someone who loves to shop, know that I had to cut this list way down to save space!
    • Boro Resale- Eastern Market
    •  Peacock Room/Frida/Yama- Midtown & New Center
    • Savvy Chic- Eastern Market
    • Lip Bar- Downtown
    • Good Neighbor- Downtown

Happy Valentine’s Day!