One of my favorite things to do in this world is eat good food with friends, have drinks over lovely conversation, and enjoy each others company whilst in the company of many more doing the same. This leads me to my next bold statement: brunch is the best. I stand by that 100%. First of all, breakfast food is the most delicious type of food. Secondly, it’s the most important meal of the day, and let’s face it, you can have dinner for breakfast (steak and eggs), or dessert (waffles, pancakes, crepes etc), and you can get your veggies in (hashes, omelets); it has so many options! Brunch appeals to foodies, to those who want the classics, and to those whom rather have a little vodka or champagne with their eggs. Brunch brings people together, it gets locals out of bed in the morning, and brings suburbanites into the city.

Detroit has a plethora of amazing brunch spots, and I have nobly taken up the burden of finding them all. My current experiences are not by any means exhaustive, but by then end of the fellowship I hope to have doubled this list with more amazing gems. But for now, sit tight and allow your appetite to rule as we go through one woman’s brunch themed adventures through Detroit:

Just a simple Breakfast Sandwich, you say? Not worth my time, you say? You'd be wrong!

Just a simple Breakfast Sandwich, you say? Not worth my time, you say? You’d be wrong! (Northern Lights)

Northern Lights

For a place that I had been multiple times for happy hour drinks, it has a surprisingly delicious and reasonably priced brunch. Let’s first talk about their mimosas: one glass is $2.50 and one carafe (basically a pitcher) is $10. Now those are prices I can live with! The rest of their food is a mix of brunch staples that are reasonably priced and made well with great ingredients. Bring friends, order a carafe or two, and let the dim and swanky vibe take away your winter morning blues.


La Dolce Vita

Having a brunch date or celebrating an occasion? This is your place. La Dolce Vita is what I would consider pretty fancy. They have bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys and 3 different styles of eggs benedicts, what more could you need? Take a date or a cherished friend,  sip mimosas and eat smoked salmon while you look out the ivy covered windows together contemplate your good fortune to enjoy the greatest meal together.

Smoked Salmon Benedict

Smoked Salmon Benedict – La Dolce Vita

Dime Store

This downtown gem is always busy because whether you’re in the mood for brunch or lunch, they take the classics, cook them to perfection with hand made ingredients, and then add a little dime store twist. It’s not a large venue, and you may have to wait, but with a couple of friends at your side, every minute is worth it! I suggest their sausage hash, for those with large appetites, and their beer-mosa! Soft parade and orange juice? YES PLEASE!

Parks and Rec

I kid you not, the fluffiest omelet I ever had in my LIFE was in this cozy, Leslie Knope-esque diner. Not only does Parks and Rec cook their food to perfection, their Bloody Mary’s are spicy and flavorful, which means it has my loyalty!


Speaking of Bloody Marys, this place is know for them! Vivios is a staple in Eastern Market and is worth weathering the crowds if you like your tomato juice and vodka to come with a full meal in the cup. They are also known for their variety of mussels; even though mussels aren’t traditional brunch food, but when a place is known for something, you get it!


Again, not a traditional brunch place but OH MY GOD. The chicken and waffles are to die for good. A trend that is picking up speed, if you haven’t tried this salty sweet combo, look no further. I can’t guarantee that every chicken and waffles pairing is quite as delicious as Kuzzo’s, but this hip place on the Avenue of Fashion is the bee’s knees. Since it’s so popular, there is usually a wait, so grab an adult kool aid at the bar and let your taste buds salivate, because it’s worth every minute.

Kuzzo's Chicken and Waffles - Stop what you're doing and go there immediately!

Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles – Stop what you’re doing and go there immediately!

Honorable Mentions:

I have an ongoing list of places I have heard are great brunch spots in the city but I have yet to visit. In case you’re feeling adventurous here’s that list as well: Bobcat Bonnie’s, Hopcat (I’ve been here outside of brunch, and can attest that the have great food in general. Also, they have a make your own Bloody Mary bar – sold), Bronx Bar, Gold Cash Gold, and Brooklyn Street Local.

I don’t want to come off as one of those people who raves about the wonders of Detroit only because the restaurants that have been here for years and those just cropping up are amazing, but let’s be real, THEY ARE AMAZING! Since I am so passionate about brunch and about Detroit this seemed like a natural progression of my city adventures. Now I challenge you to grab a Bloody Mary or a nice crisp mimosa and join me on my brunch adventures! #BrunchDetroit.