A favorite quote of mine from Jerry Brown, Governor of California. Something the entire nation needs to take to heart in a time when somehow the naysayers have the loudest voice. As I explained in a previous post, that mindset will get us nowhere fast, and it is not what created this nation. More than any other time in its history, now is the time when all of Detroit needs to read this quote and ask themselves and their friends – are you going to be on the right side of history. Are you going to be a do’er or a naysayer. Detroit’s history says it is a place of do’ers – and I believe it can be again.

Jerry Brown / Governor of California: “Critics of the high-speed rail project abound as they often do when something of this magnitude is proposed. During the 1930’s, The Central Valley Water Project was called a “fantastic dream” that “will not work.” The Master Plan for the Interstate Highway System in 1939 was derided as “new Deal jitterbug economics.” In 1966, then Mayor Johnson of Berkeley called BART a “billion dollar potential fiasco.” Similarly, the Panama Canal was for years thought to be impractical and Benjamin Disraeli himself said of the Suez Canal: “totally impossible.” The critics were wrong then and they’re wrong now.”

Trey Joseph Wadsworth adds: “and it is for the believers to win the day and take glory.”