What a weekend it will be in Detroit.  Lots of music going to be pumping in downtown Detroit.  Movement Electronic Music Festival (aka Detroit Electronic Music Festival) will be happening this weekend. It is a really big deal! Why, might you ask? Well, Detroit is arguably the birthplace of Techno and the internet is always right (if you don’t believe me, please see this ad).

SOOO, if you decide to make a trip to the city, please be aware that there will be a lot of people and traffic in the Hart Plaza/ Campus Martius area from Saturday to Monday.

If Techno is not your thing, no worries.  There are still some other great events going on, like the Detroit FC game.  Side note: I attended the Detroit FC home opener last weekend, and it was really awesome.  The soccer was decent, but the crowd was great.  The far side bleachers of Cass Tech were completely full and in motion the entire game.  It was a great football (soccer) crowd and I was very pleased with the turnout.  Now the question remains, was that crowd more filled with curious band wagon fans for opening day, like myself, or is that normally how many fans attend each game? If that is the norm, I will shed my bandwagoness and get a season pass.  Overall, for $5, well worth it.

Otherwise, if you are headed out of town or just planning to relax and BBQ, please enjoy you Memorial Day weekend!

Grab the interactive version here: D_Blast 5.22_5.29

D_Blast 5.22_5.29