As someone who started taking the subway to school at the age of 11, I have an incredible affinity for public transportation. There is something magical about sitting idly, listening to music, and watching the city wake up in the morning and then get off work in the evening.

I’ll be blunt; I’m specifically writing this blog post to inspire one of my co-workers to start taking the bus to work. If it makes you or anyone else look for public transportation options, well, the more the merrier.

I will be presenting three crucial arguments I’m confident would change the mind of Henry Ford himself.



Work can be stressful and can take up a lot of mental energy. Why waste your morning commute using your brain to operate heavy machinery? Every morning on the bus (or Q-line if I’m running early) I turn my brain off, listen to my favorite songs, and text my favorite friends. I check in on work emails, scroll social media, or stare aimlessly out the window. By the time I’ve reached work I have risen out of my morning grog and am mentally ready to tackle my day.


In general, most of the bus drivers I have encountered are some of the nicest people I have ever met. One of the drivers on my route insists on giving everyone a fist bump as they board and tells everyone to have a nice day with a huge smile. One time a man on the bus complimented me on my hoodie. These interactions unexpectedly lift my mood and none of them would have happened had I driven myself to work.


Do you like sustainability? After reading this captivating think piece I challenge you to research the positive environmental impact public transportation has – especially as it expands. One of the ways we can challenge our city to expand these options is simply to increase ridership. This is a step we all can take – and it’s fun!


I am wholeheartedly aware that there are certain disadvantages or limitations to riding the bus. However, I would argue that if it is possible for you to overcome these then you should absolutely try.

Join us.