One of my favorite parts of college was my improv team. Not only was it a great way to meet new people, but it was an opportunity to laugh, be weird, and procrastinate in a semi-productive way. Improv helped me learn how to be more confident while on stage, be a better listener, be more comfortable with taking risks and making mistakes, and be more likely to accept and work to grow other people’s ideas, rather than try to only bolster my own. Improv has many applications for personal growth, but also professional. I have found my improv training to be useful while being interviewed, attending big meetings, presenting, collaborating with others, and brainstorming new and uniquely approached solutions and ideas.

Because of how much I loved doing and watching improv, I was glad to find out that Detroit has its own theatre and improv community based out of Planet Ant in Hamtramck (a very small city completely surrounded by Detroit). You can read more about the theatre, their two locations and the show’s they offer here (P.S. most are only $5). I can attest to their caliber and how entertaining each show really is.  So much so, that I started taking improv classes at Planet Ant over the past few weeks! During these classes, we work with a seasoned improviser (mine has been doing improv 30+ years and is a Second City Detroit alumni), as well as other students to improve our skills and have fun along the way.

Throughout the course, I have had the opportunity to meet new people, learn how to be a better improviser, and regain some of my confidence with public speaking. So, if you’re free Monday, Thursday or Saturday, come to Planet Ant and check out an improv show, or check their schedule for one of their scripted shows here!

If you want some basic information on the rules and ways of improv, check out this excerpt from Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants!