The Michigan weather may have been deceiving this month, but we actually are only two months into the year and still in the midst of the frosty embrace of winter. So, with February coming to an end, it’s time to check back in with my New Year’s resolutions. I realize I didn’t share what they were in the beginning of the year, so you’ll just have to trust me.

  1. Manage my time better and only say “yes” to events I really want to go to.

This resolution was a long shot for me, but I’m trying my best to fulfill it. Through Challenge Detroit, we have so many opportunities to meet new people, network and attend events for free that would otherwise have a ticket cost. As a new young professional who just graduated from university last May, I felt pressure to build a network and never say “no” to new opportunities—well that wasn’t quite working out for me. I found that I was exhausted all the time and not able to put 100% of myself into each new opportunity and event. Over the past two months, I have tried to limit myself to two events a week, not counting my regular volunteering at the Michigan Humane Society (#adoptdontshop) and my weekly Bachelor viewing hang (#nojudgementzone). Sometimes I go to more, sometimes I go to less, but at least I’m conscious of the downfalls associated with overextending myself.

  1. Try out new restaurants and explore new parts of Detroit.

I don’t know if it was my New Year’s resolution or a craving for Mexican food that has lasted two months, but I’ve started to explore Southwest restaurants more over the past few weeks. I’ve gone to Lupita’s (twice), Me Pueblo and El Rancho. I also have started to spend more time in Corktown, going to Gold Cash Gold, Bobcat Bonnies and Sugarhouse. I think the best part of exploring these new places is that each time I have gone with different people—some new friends and some old. Exploring new places with new people seems like a pretty great start to my year.

  1. Find a new creative outlet.

While at Michigan State University I studied Arts & Humanities and Professional Writing. Each of my majors either had required creative projects, or allowed the option to express your project in a creative way if your professor approved it. I miss having the chance to be hands-on and create things off of the computer. I haven’t quite found a new creative outlet yet, but I did crack open my sketchbook for the first time in a while this month. Basically, baby steps.


New Year’s resolutions always seemed a bit cliché to me, especially because most people I know, myself included, don’t usually follow through with them. Well, if January and February are any indication of the rest of my year to come, maybe I’ll become a believer in far flung aspirations after all. And if not, I can always make that my resolution for next year.