As we move into my favorite month of the year, June (my birthday month), I realize how quickly things have progressed since the beginning of this journey with Challenge Detroit. This time last year I just found out I was accepted into the program and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles wanted to be my host company! What an exciting day that was! I had a job come August; the most sought after prize any college graduate can strive for in the months following a graduation ceremony. I was instantly relieved for a few moments… before panic set in, yet again.

Where was I going to live? I had no idea where to start looking. Was I going to have a roommate, potentially someone I didn’t know? This question brought back the memories of freshman year of college and I didn’t want to relive that experience. How was I going to do this? I live in Kalamazoo, my parents are in Macomb, and I’m moving to Detroit…can someone give me a roadmap of how to navigate this?

Fast forward about a month and a half later and I was settling into my new digs in Lafayette Park, right across from Eastern Market, ready to take on Detroit and my new job. I couldn’t believe it was all happening so fast. But time is funny like that, it just keeps moving forward regardless if you’re ready for it or not.

When I think back on those moments now, it is a great reminder of how things always work out in the end. I’m almost back to square one approximately one year later, with the fellowship ending in August and potential unemployment looming over my head (know anyone hiring? – just kidding, kinda). Challenge Detroit has given me a great opportunity to find out what works for me and what I want for my future. I just need to remember how things worked out last year and that with a little stress and motivation, you’ll get to where you need to be. The one thing I’m struggling with is: will this be where I want to be? Stay tuned to find out…