I’d like to start off with a shameless plug: If you’re a Detroiter or a Metro Detroiter, please vote YES on Regional Transit this November 8th! http://voteyesforregionaltransit.com


November 1st is just minutes away and I can hardly believe it. Since the last blog I feel as though so much has happened! I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy!  Here are just a couple highlights:

I began tutoring at Mariners Inn last week. I am tutoring a young man who could probably tutor me. When I was asked if I wanted to tutor I was excited, but I quickly informed them that it has been some time since I’ve studied most of that stuff. Next thing I knew I was studying a GED book in Sy Thai, between sips of cold water to calm the fire in my mouth.

At our first session I asked the young man what he felt comfortable with and as we started working our way through some math problems I realized just how quick he was. The concepts came back to him swiftly and he soaked up the info that he hadn’t learned like a sponge. He thanked me repeatedly for helping him get closer to his goal. I felt immediate responsibility wash over me when he asked me to help him research info about how to attain his career goals.

Challenge #1 is finally complete and it’s nice to be on the other side! I had a really great team made up of  very different individuals who,  for some reason, worked well together! For the challenge, we were responsible for activating a space on Mack Avenue. We created a story sharing event called Real Talk on Mack that drew people within the 48214 zip code. We hope this event will inspire others like it.

My host company (EcoWorks) is keeping me plenty busy! Workshops have begun again and we have two major Events within two weeks of each other. One of them is done, and the other will take place on Friday. I’m excited for Friday! Our Keynote Speaker is Native American Activist and former Green Party VP candidate Winona LaDuke. She has been very active in the Standing Rock Protest and I’m eager to hear her speak.

P.S. If you haven’t already, go on FB and check in at Standing Rock Reservation. A message requesting support via this simple effort can be found all over Facebook.