Approximately 35 Fellows of various intellects and backgrounds from our own backyard and across the country come together to live, work, play, give and lead in Detroit for one year. These individuals are the next generation of leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise. As with past cohorts, the Fellows are early- to mid-career professionals, men and women, of all races and ethnicity. They all hold at least a bachelor’s degree and several hold advanced degrees or come with work experience under their belt. They are innovators and entrepreneurial thinkers, all with a passion for Detroit. Read their stories below.

  • Alison Figliomeni
    Host CompanyTelegration
  • Alissa Sevrioukova
    Host CompanyDTE Energy
  • Alyssa Brown
    Host CompanyEdward C. Levy
  • Amanda Gettgen
    Host CompanyMarketing Associates
  • Ann Phillips
    Host CompanySaroki Architects
  • Anna Schroen
    Host CompanyDetroit Lions
  • Annie Hakim
    Host CompanyRecoveryPark
  • Bethany Felder
    Host CompanyCarat
  • Branden Bufford
    Host CompanyWayne County Community College District
  • Brittany Stallworth
    Host CompanyBeaumont Health System
  • Carmen Bojanowski
    Host CompanyBrooks Kushman
  • Courtney Hardebeck
    Host CompanyEdward C. Levy
  • Courtney McCall
    Host CompanyPlante Moran
  • Elizabeth Grabowski
    Host CompanyMosher Dolan
  • Ellen Trudell
    Host CompanySME
  • Ezekiel Harris
    Host CompanyUnited Way
  • Hayden McNeil
    Host CompanyPM Environmental
  • Ifeanyi Nwachukwu
    Host CompanyPWC
  • Jason Aoraha
    Host CompanyMango Languages
  • Jazmyn Becker
    Host CompanyTeam Detroit
  • Jennifer Ehrhardt
    Host CompanyHospice of Michigan
  • Jessica Wang
    Host CompanyMango Languages
  • Jonathan Ganci
    Host CompanyNew Urban Learning
  • Kenneth Andejeski
    Host CompanyDTE Energy
  • Kristina Wilson
    Host CompanyChevrolet Detroit Grand Prix
  • Larry Latimore
    Host CompanySuburban Collection
  • Liz Venatta
    Host CompanyUnited Shore Financial Services
  • Martha Cavazos
    Host CompanyFiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Nicholas Prys
    Host CompanySouthwest Solutions
  • Rachel Rosenbaum
    Host CompanyGeneral Motors
  • Sarah Robb
    Host CompanyDTE Energy
  • Sarms Jabra
    Host CompanySkidmore Studio
  • Seth Haug
    Host CompanyClark Hill