As a Detroit native most would consider me biased when it comes to Detroit, but I’ve accepted that and I still root for the home team. I currently live in the heart of downtown at the historical Millender Center Apartments. I grew up on the city’s east side and never saw myself living in Detroit once I ventured out on my own. After weeks and weeks of endless apartment searches, the buildings were either too old, didn’t have good parking, did not have laundry in-house, not enough security, still under construction or just plain weren’t right. The Millender Center was my last hope. Surprisingly, everything seemed like a perfect fit for both me and my roommate-to-be who was relocating from Brooklyn, New York. I always had one rule when it came to roommates – as long as we weren’t “sitting on top of each other” in the house, then it would be ok. And that’s exactly what I found in this 15,000 square foot apartment with a breath-taking view of Downtown Detroit.

Patio View of Detroit's Renaissance Center

Patio View of Detroit’s Renaissance Center

The building amenities are amazing – if I never want to leave the building (which has happened) I don’t have to. Located in the building is a convenience store, an attached parking structure, indoor pool , “state of the art” gym facilities, Coney island, Tim Horton’s, shopping boutiques and just a skywalk away is the Renaissance Center which has a movie theater, Starbucks coffee and CVS just to name a few must haves. Friends and family often joke that my building is Detroit’s own Fort Knox because all guests have to be let up by security regardless of time or family relation (for all the overbearing mothers out there). Living right at midway point for Greek Town and Campus Martius Park, I am never far from any of the action.  As the time winds down on my lease I have a hard time convincing myself that I can find better; it’s safe to say Millender Center Apartments and Downtown Detroit has spoiled me!